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STOUGH INTERNATIONAL is a full service Protection and Investigation agency. We have been in-volved in domestic matters for over a decade and have the resources and equipment to act quickly in the event of an emergency. Speed is a crucial element when deal-ing with issues like missing children. The ability to launch a team of trained professional investigators at a moment’s notice is imperative.

That’s the reason SIPI takes a pro-active stance in the protection of your children. We do the legwork before an emergency happens so that you are prepared if such a time arises. We assist you step by step in creating your child’s com-prehensive profile during one of our convenient registra-tion check-in procedures. We document the information that you will need in the event of an emergency and store it safely for you at our corporate headquarters. In the event that the unthinkable happens , SIPI is there to assist you every step of the way.

As a member of the Child Protection Program (CPP) you will be doing the best you can to protect your chil-dren. SIPI has a team of highly skilled professional in-vestigators on standby 24 hours a day / 7 days a week to assist you in getting the information you need... when you need it.!
The program is designed to be fully comprehensive and will cover your child(ren) for 12 months. At the end of the 12 month cycle renewal is simple and easy.

 How It Works
Check in. Call your local SIPI representative to discuss your families needs, the number of children you would like to enroll , and the area you live in. Your representative will also assist you every step of the way with questions and concerns.

Registration. Your representative will inform you of a convenient time and place in your local area. Highly trained and licensed SIPI investigators as well as your representative will be conducting your child’s registration. At this point we will create your child’s comprehensive packet that will consist of all information you and your family need in the event of an emergency.

Package. A copy of your child's comprehensive packet will be mailed to your home address within 2 weeks. SIPI will give YOU the same information the pros use to handle these emergencies. You are to keep this information in a safe place where you can easily recover it in time of need.

Emergency. In the event of an emergency first dial 911. After dialing 911, call Stough International at 1.877.SIPI.911 (1.877.7474.911). SIPI will immediately launch an investiga-tor to your location to assist the authorities and your family.


  • Identification Cards (2) (Click to See Sample)
  • Fingerprint Card (Click to See Sample)
  • Full Descriptive Child Portfolio
  • SIPI 24 hour Access Card
  • SIPI 24 hour Access Magnet
  • Documented Images
  • DNA Samples
  • Dental Records
  • Medical Records
1. Stay Calm and Act Quickly
2. Call 911 and immediately alert authorities
3. Call 1.800.SIPI.911. Stough International will serve as a liaison between you and the authorities, keeping you and your family up to date with the investiga-tion.
4. Show the police your child’s ID card along with any additional information you have available including their emergency packet
5. Alert friends, neighbors, and relatives and check your child’s favorite play areas.


  2009 Missing Child Stats:

Did you know...
•A child goes missing every 40 seconds in the United States
•800,000 a year, another 500,000 unreported
• 90% are juvenile and 50% are ages 4-11
• 53% of tragic abductions are from strangers
• It takes a parent 2-4 hours to provide information to police
• 44% that end tragically are within one hour
• 74% that end tragically are within 3 hours
91% that end tragically are within 24 hours.

*As a member of the Stough International Child Protection Program you will also have 24 hour access to a licensed investigator to perform duties such as, but not limited to; chaperone for field trips or sporting events, dances, and various other school or extra curricular activities for your child. All of these services will be provided to all members at a 10% discount. CPP is offered for children ages newborn to 15 years old. Images may vary slightly from actual product.

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